An immersive story where children discover the scientific secrets of Madagascar.

With the interactive children’s book “Esca’Pad in Madagascar”, kids from 7 to 9 years old discover the island following the funny, unusual and interactive adventures of the scientific reporters Rosie and Joe.

Madagascar is full of scientific phenomenons and curiosities that youth readers discover page after page. On the Forbans island, Rosie and Joe explore the pirates cemetery ; in the heart of the primary forest, they follow the footsteps of lemurs and other endemic species which abound on the island. During the expedition, they observe humpback whales, Tsingy, they contemplate huge baobabs, they visit cities and meet the Malagasy people…

A book-game for kids from 7 years old!

Esca’pad in Madagascar is:

  • more than 2h adventures through Madagascar
  • 12 scientific subjects like environment, astronomy, sociology, biodiversity, ethnology
  • 12 interactive screens: games, videos, documentaries, animations, enigmas, musics, playing cards…
  • 6 playing cards permitting paper/digital interactions
  • 1 extrapage device included in the book
  • 1 free app for tablets and smartphones Apple and Android

Excellent reading and playing moments
from 7 years old!

A childish process!

It is simple. You will find in each of our books, a patented accessory that allows you to build a support and a mirror. Position your tablet and install a free application that comes with the book. Thanks to our worldwide unique technology, it is magical, pages you read are automatically recognized and your tablet provides fun and educational contents that enrich the reading.

1 Open the book
2 Build the extrapage (included)
3 Position the tablet
4 Read, play and learn

The extrapage innovation

A unique technology and a patented accessory that make paper interactive. extrapage is a simple device that combines the joy of reading with the pleasure of playing. It allows your tablet to recognize the pages and enrich books with many features: videos, games, animations…

4 innovations trophies were awarded to extrapage.

In Esca’Pad in Madagascar, pages are automatically recognized by the tablet and we interact with the pages thanks to cards!

How does it work?

It is simple, assemble the extrapage device included in the book. Download Esca’Pad in Madagascar application for free on a tablet or smartphone. Open the book, and it is magical, the page is immediately recognized and the adventure begin! After reading each page, childrens are immersed in games that plunge them into the heart of Madagascar scientific secrets : games, documentaries, videos, pictures...

Simple design, advanced technology, great moments of fun expected!

Scientific, cultural and educational approvals

A french and malagasy experts committee ensures the accuracy of the contents. The Planetarium of Saint-Etienne, the Cétamada association, teachers of National Education and researchers of the Ecole des Mines of Saint-Etienne are part of them.

This book aims to convey scientific facts through a exciting story and edutainment games. All the games and documentaries proposed in the book bring a quality educational content.

The desire of science popularization

Through 35 pages, this book takes children (aged 7 years and over) on a journey in Madagascar. Our books aims to convey scientific facts through a exciting story, fun and educational games. All the scientific committee brings its experience as La Rotonde, Univers Sciences and many specialists that provide their scientific experience.

Games and documentaries in the book provide a quality educational content.

The team

Started from an unusual partnership between an interactive development studio and two scientific cultural centers, the project supports artistic, numeric and scientific knowledges which are complementary! More than 10 professionals participated in the creation of the book and the application. More than 3000 hours of work were required to produce this totally innovative book that has never been published anywhere else in the world. More than 30 children contributed to test the games and help us improve them. Designers, engineers, video makers, our team is proud to present this book.

Legal information

  • Price: $21.90 / £20
  • ISBN: 979-10-90709-01-0
  • Dimensions: 180x232 mm
  • Weight: 305g
  • Pages: 36 pages
  • Available languages: english and french
  • Certifications: CE, NF EN 14372 12-2004 / 71-1 / 71-2 / 71-3 / 91-338
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years old

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