A scientific and immersive story, a digital innovation for kids from 6 to 9

With the augmented book Esca’Pad in Madagascar, kids from 6 to 9 years old discover the island following the funny and unusual adventures of the scientific reporters Rosie and Joe.

Discover Madagascar

On the Forbans island, Rosie et Joe explore the pirates cemetery. The legend tells that the famous Captain Kidd have hidden a treasure more than 300 years ago.

In the heart of the primary forest, they follow the footsteps of lemurs and other endemic species which abound on the large island.

During the expedition, they observe humpback whales, Tsingy and baobabs, they visit cities, they question about the sun’s path and meet the Malagasy people…

Madagascar, a biodiversity Hotspot!

Its wildlife includes more than 80% of endemic species : lemurs, lizards, crocodiles, butterflies, turtles, fossas...

Humpback whales travel up to 5 000 miles without feeding to reproduce themselves in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean of the island!

Vanilla, pepper, curry, berries, cloves ... spices are grown and discovered on the Island.

Largest Malagasy baobabs measure more than hundred feet height and 23 feet width.

Crocodiles of Madagascar can live more than 100 years.

Leopards, bulls or grey reef, sharks are very present around the Island.

The next flight is imminent!

Let the adventure begin!

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