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I can’t install the app. I don’t find it in App Store or Google Play.
Your device is unfortunately not compatible with the app.
Your system needs to have at least iOS9 for Apple devices, and Android 5 for other brands.
Other systems (Windows) are unfortunately not supported.
Are you an owner of an Amazon Kindle Fire?
Write us at to get an APK installation file.
The app is not available on your market yet.
If your tab is not supported, we apologize. But you can still use the web version of the project with your computer at
I installed the app but it says that my device is not compatible.
For the detection of the pages, the app needs a front camera and an OpenGL 2.0. support. If your device is not equipped with these functionalities, you can’t enjoy the automatic detection of the pages.
We apologize. But you can still activate the manual mode to enjoy the app turning the pages manually.
How to install my extrapage?
When the app starts up, you will be guided by a tutorial. If you didn’t read it, you can open it again clicking on the menu (icon) and then (tuto icon).
Respect all the steps of the installation process. In case of any doubts or problems, write us at
How to be sure to properly install my extrapage?
Follow carefully the steps of the app tutorial.
To be sure of the proper installation, open the settings page clicking on the (menu icon) > (settings icon) > button settings page.
Open the page n°5 of the book and move it in front of the screen in order to see the illustration of the page in your screen.
The calibration image needs to be fully visible, the recognition will appear a green thumb on the screen. If the thumb doesn’t appear, move your book to find the perfect position. If the problem continue, do not hesitate to contact us at
Why do I need to allow the app to use the camera?
The access to the camera is necessary if you want to fully enjoy the functionalities of the augmented reading of your extrapage book.
Thanks to the front camera of your device and thanks to the mirror, your tablet can recognize the page you are reading.
I broke my extrapage :-( how can I continue the adventure?
In order to help us in a quality improvement step, please contact us and tell us how you broke your device. Write us at
Until we find a solution to your problem, you can activate the manual mode.
Open the menu (menu icon) then (settings icon) and finally activate the manual mode (manual mode icon).

2. You didn’t find any answer to your question? Contact us for assistance.

Write us at